How to shorten a long URL

Do you have a long URL that takes too long to type? Do you want to create a short link that has a nice look and also its own QR code?

Hop2 makes this fast, simple, and easy. Try it out.

Shortening a long URL

Start by logging in to the Hop2 Dashboard and then click on the + button floating in the right bottom corner of your browser.

Floating add link button

After clicking this button you will see a modal window asking you for your long URL. Enter the web address you want to shorten and click Save.

The modal window for shortening a long link address

And you are done! Your long URL was shortened and turned into a nice, short link. You should see your new shortlink right in your dashboard.

Shortlinks in the Hop2 Dashboard

What now? Share your shortlink and then click details to see charts and logs about people that clicked on your new short URL. Try the “advanced” tab for features like QR codes, password protection, and more.

Using a custom domain

Read this guide to create shortlinks with your custom domain instead of

Final notes

Congratulations! You shortened your first URL with Hop2. Simple, right?

By the way, Hop2 allows you to shorten an unlimited amount of long links – no need to limit yourself.